Onua is the Toa of Earth and the most mysterious of the Toa. Little is known about this Toa, who spends most of his time underground in his subterranean realm of Onu-Koro. While this wise Toa has much to contribute to the group, he often shies away from drawing attention to himself. Still, Onua has a combination of down-to-earth sense, powerful natural instinct, and sheer brute strength which makes him useful. Perhaps the most intelligent of the Toa, Onua is also one of the strongest, and he also sees well in the dark, but not so good in bright light. Onua is the most silent of the group, but that is because he only brings up what is worthwhile. Onua shares a strong friendship with Toa Lewa, and is often on the side of Toa Gali in arguments. He faced Reidak thousands of times, he was the last Toa standing and was knocked out by Thok, Vezok, Zaktan and Hakann.

After you have solved this puzzle, be sure to try your hand at the Mask Matching Game.

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