Lewa is the Toa of Air. Lewa is an especially playful and mischievous spirit who thinks nothing of pulling innocent pranks on his villagers and fellow Toa; some have argued that this will be his undoing unless he learns when he's taken a joke too far. Lewa is highly energetic, and during the early Toa meetings he would often do cartwheels and handstands. Towards the end of the quest for the Kanohi, Lewa was captured by a Nui-Rama swarm and wore an infected mask. He was saved, however, by timely intervention by Toa Onua. Shortly after, Lewa was again infected, this time by a Bohrok Krana, but Onua came to his aid again. After this second infection, Lewa developed the ability to discern Bohrok and Krana language. One of his Air Katanas was broken in a battle with Reidak. He got into a fist fight with Reidak and saved Tahu from Hakann's heat vision. He was knocked out by a mental bolt by Hakann.

After you have solved this puzzle, be sure to try your hand at the Mask Matching Game.

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